A more environmentally sustainable future starts right now. And it starts with you.

Want to develop sustainable solutions to everything from conservation to climate change? Interested in influencing decisions critical to the long-term preservation of our environment? The environment field is filled with opportunities to drive a more sustainable Earth for all.  

Progress is already happening. From making landfill useful to creating the world’s fastest electric vehicle to travel 1,000km on a single charge. Now, it's your opportunity to drive continual efforts to undo past damage and action positive change – change that can be maintained and consistently improved upon.

Passionate about sustainability and the planet? Turn your passion into action at UNSW Sydney.

Increased demand

Global demand for green skills has risen 40% since 2015. Only 13% of the workforce possesses these skills (World Economic Forum, Future of Jobs Report 2023).

Clean energy growth

The clean energy supply workforce is likely to grow 58% by 2050 (The Clean Energy Generation, Jobs & Skills Australia 2023).

Most employable graduates

Most employable students for five years in a row (AFR Top 100 Future Leaders Awards, 2020-2024).

Careers in environment and sustainability

The increased demand for green skills means your passion for the environment and sustainability could lead to a career in a diverse range of industries, including environment, business, government and tech. Your roles might include:

  • Environmental consultant, design, management, engineer, scientist
  • Natural resources management and policy 
  • Agriculture and horticulture
  • Renewable energies
  • Environmental consulting in business, government, research

Pursue your passion for the environment at UNSW Sydney

At UNSW Sydney, your opportunities to power a more sustainable future are diverse and far reaching. Interested in consulting, policy or activism with a focus on environmental humanities, geographical studies or global development? You might consider a Bachelor of Arts or combined Law degree, where you can influence the environmental policy that affects how business, community and individual activities interact with our environment. 

Alternatively, explore our UNSW Science and Engineering faculties to discover study areas with a more technical skills focus in the environmental field.

Study sustainability and environmental management with UNSW Science 

Conservation. Resource management. Climate change. Pollution. These are some of the biggest issues in the Environment field. And while they’ll continue to evolve and develop into the environmental issues of tomorrow, the diversity of a Science background will prepare you to lead sustainability into the future.

85% of jobs that will exist in 2030 haven't been invented yet*. Explore UNSW Science's study areas that will prepare you for whatever comes next in the Environment field:

    • Biology: The science of life – explore how living organisms function, grow, evolve and relate to one another and the environment in which they live.
    • Climate science: Explore the processes that change global, regional and local climates over time.
    • Earth science: Apply studies on the nature and evolution of our planet to environmental issues including pollution, remediation and climate change.
    • Ecology: Investigate conservation and natural resource management by understanding how organisms interact with their biological and physical environment.
    • Marine & coastal science: From the shore to the ocean floor, develop interdisciplinary marine expertise across biology, geology and more.
    • Physical oceanography: Measure, model and predict processes that form the oceanic and atmospheric system, ranging from waves and deep ocean currents to cyclones, dust storms and climate change.


    • Environmental management: Create sustainable solutions to global problems through environmental policy and management.
    • Geography: What’s our place in the environment? Explore the integration of people and place – Earth’s landscapes, natural and built environments.


*Emerging technologies' impact on society & work in 2030 report, Institute for the Future (IFTF) 

Engineer a more sustainable future

Minimise our impact on the natural world – now and into the future. At UNSW Engineering, ranked #1 in Engineering and Technology*, you’ll combine skills and innovation across technologies to advance the world into a more sustainable future.

Discover your path to environmental impact with UNSW Engineering:
Energy & resources 

Harness renewable energy and resources to meet the needs of today and tomorrow’s societies. Whether your interest lies in solar technology or looking beyond the sun, you’ll help fuel the transition to renewable sources of energy.  

Environment & sustainability 

Explore the interactions between technical, ecological, social and economic systems to develop solutions to environmental problems. You’ll combine aspects of civil and chemical engineering, and biological sciences to drive sustainability.  

*QS World University Rankings by Subject, 2024.

Progress in clean energy starts with you

Progress looks like harnessing the world’s natural resources to improve access to affordable energy for all. UNSW’s researchers have pioneered solar, developing technology now used in 90% of the world’s solar panels. Now, we’re focused on generating solar energy at night.

Learn more about the environmental progress you can be a part of.

Channel your passion for sustainability into our other fields of interest.

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