You could use your creativity to solve real problems, from the studio to the science lab and boardroom. 

Want to work at the intersection of innovation and problem-solving? If you enjoy thinking outside the box, taking creative risks, innovating new technologies and bringing new solutions to life, you could make a real difference in the field of creativity. It’s not just design and fine arts. Alongside problem-solving, creative thinking is the top skill predicted to grow in importance for workers globally, by 73% in the next five years*. At its core, creativity is about progress – imagining, inventing, innovating and ultimately, implementing solutions that create a better world for all.  

Whether your interests lie in graphic design, media, science or engineering, you can turn your creativity into a career that drives progress for all, at UNSW Sydney.

Increased demand

Creative thinking is the top skill predicted to grow in importance for workers globally, by 73% in the next five years (*World Economic Forum, Future of Jobs Report, 2023).

Global top 20

19th university globally (QS World University Rankings, 2025).

Most employable graduates

Most employable students for five years in a row (AFR Top 100 Future Leaders Awards, 2020-2024).

Discover your path to a career led by creativity at UNSW Sydney

Whether your interests lie in traditional creative fields across media, design and fine arts, or you’re keen to take creative thinking to the built environment, sustainability, health or technology sectors – there’s a place for you to harness your creativity at UNSW Sydney.

Discover your path to a career led by creativity:

Careers in the creative field

Whether it’s using words to foster deeper connections with diverse audiences or increasing inclusivity by using accessible design principles, your creativity can drive real progress for all. Career opportunities in the creative field are dynamic and diverse – you might explore creative jobs such as: 

  • Journalist
  • Writer
  • Creative consultant
  • Media consultant
  • Art director

What creative degrees can I study?

Interested in starting your journey to a career in creativity? Explore degrees from our Faculty of Arts, Design & Architecture, where you’ll step out of your comfort zone, take risks and collaborate with some of the most talented and creative minds in the field.

Careers in the creative field

From one drawing board to another. With creative skills increasing in demand in the workforce, there are many career pathways where you can channel your creativity into innovation, problem-solving and driving progress for all. Explore careers such as:

  • Activist
  • Diplomat
  • Political strategist
  • Policy consultant 
  • Start-up founder  

What can I study?

Let's get the creative juices flowing. You don’t have to study art and design to develop your creative skills. Start your career with a UNSW degree where you’ll gain critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills while honing your creative thinking.

 You might like to:

Whatever your interests, there’s a UNSW degree for you to grow and apply your creativity. Use our degree finder to browse our full range of degrees on offer:

Double your creative skills

Interested in both the design side of creativity and the critical thinking side? You can harness your creativity and combine your skills and interests in a double degree to further increase your job opportunities. Explore degrees like the Bachelor of Commerce / Media or Bachelor of Fine Arts / Engineering (Honours).

Channel your creativity into our other fields of interest.

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