Health isn’t just medicine; it’s about shaping a better future for all.

Want to make a positive impact in the lives of individuals, communities and populations? Consider a career in health. Healthcare is currently the largest employing industry in Australia, and career opportunities for health professionals are projected to grow 25.8% by 2033*. When it comes to health careers, there are more opportunities than ever to shape a better future for all. 

Progress is already happening. Life expectancy has extended beyond any previous generation. UNSW researchers have pioneered the first HIV antiretroviral. Our alumni are using AI and big data to increase IVF success rates. And that’s just a taste of the progress we’re driving. The field is filled with opportunities for you to take your passion for supporting healthy bodies and minds to the next level - improving health outcomes for communities and populations. 

Interested in improving lives? You can make an impact in health at UNSW Sydney.

*Jobs and Skills Australia, Employment Projections to 2023-33.

Career opportunities

Health professional opportunities are projected to grow 25.8% by 2033 (Jobs and Skills Australia).

Largest employing industry

15.5% of Australian workers have their main job in Health Care and Social Assistance (Jobs and Skills Australia).

Most employable graduates

Most employable students for five years in a row (AFR Top 100 Future Leaders Awards, 2020-2024).

Discover the health pathway for you at UNSW Sydney

Whether your interests lie in medicine, allied health or developing technologies to advance the healthcare field, you’ll be equipped with the skills to navigate and innovate in an evolving health environment. There are many ways you can kickstart your career in the health field at UNSW.

Study at UNSW Medicine & Health

Join a faculty ranked among the best in the world at UNSW Medicine & Health. From the highly in-demand Bachelor of Medical Studies/Doctor of Medicine* to our suite of unique health professional programs, you’ll graduate with the critical skills and training you need to excel in the healthcare profession.  

*From 2018-2024, the UNSW Bachelor of Medical Studies / Doctor of Medicine was the top first preference choice for NSW school leavers due to the quality of the education, clinical experience and research-focused learning, UAC 1st Preference Data.

Start immersing yourself in the field from your first year. In many of our degrees, you’ll experience hands-on clinical training, interacting with patients and health professionals in some of Australia’s largest hospitals and health organisations. You’ll also learn how to understand the needs of diverse populations, with a degree grounded in advocacy, equity and social justice.

Our health professional programs offer an embedded professional practice stream, where you’ll learn alongside students in other disciplines to gain the critical interprofessional skills you need for real-world practice:

Explore our full suite of Medicine & Health study areas across medicine, pharmacy, public health, infectious diseases, psychiatry and mental health, and more. 

Study Med & Health
Health at UNSW Science

At UNSW Science, you’ll join a community of world-leading researchers and inspiring educators who are using science to improve lives and communities around the world.  

Science has evolved beyond lab coats and test tubes – it’s an opportunity to understand and impact the world around you. From developing new pharmaceutical agents to understanding and treating diseases of the nervous system, exploring vision-related patient care options or prevention strategies for immune-related illnesses; a degree in Science can kickstart your impact in health.

You can drive progress in health through a UNSW Science degree, including:

Explore our health-related Science study areas, including neuroscience, pharmacology, psychology, vision science and more.

Study Science
MedTech at UNSW Engineering

Combine your passions in health and technology with our specialised Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Master of Biomedical Engineering. Analyse and design solutions to problems in biology and medicine to improve people's lives. You'll learn the health implications and applications of computing, robots and nanotechnology. Beyond the health field, you'll graduate with the ability to drive progress in careers across biomedical engineering, academia, government and policy, and computing.

Explore Biomedical Engineering at UNSW.

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Progress in health starts with you

Heart disease remains one of the biggest health challenges facing global populations. UNSW’s Medicine & Health teams partnered with the Victor Chang Institute and St Vincent’s Hospital to create game-changing technology called, ‘Heart in a box.’ This technology improved heart transplant success by 25%.

Learn more about the progress you can be a part of in the health field.

Can't see yourself in health? Explore our other fields of interest.

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