Are you passionate about tackling problems like equality, human rights and social justice? Social progress takes someone like you. 

Whether your interests are in advancing equal opportunities in education and living standards, or you'd like to drive real change in how our businesses operate more ethically, you could make a real difference through the social progress field. The field is filled with activists, consultants and advocates who are both inspiring and empowering businesses and communities to make positive changes. Whatever the industry or challenge, systemic change relies on professionals with a focus in social justice, humanities or social corporate responsibility, all coming together to imagine and enact a better future. 

Interested in driving real positive change across equality, human rights and justice? Discover the social progress you can make at UNSW Sydney.


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How can I build a career around social progress?  

UNSW graduates are helping to progress equality, human rights and social justice across various sectors through advocacy, innovation and collaboration. These are some career opportunities where you can dive straight into sustainability, ethics, activism or social impact:

Your roles might look like:  

  • Lawyer 
  • Policy adviser 
  • Entrepreneur 
  • Consultant  
  • Educator 

In areas such as: 

  • Private sector businesses and start-ups
  • Not-for-profit organisations 
  • Government 
  • Humanitarian groups 
  • Activist organisations 

The best part? You’re not limited to these sectors. You can drive social progress no matter what field you’re interested in. Whether you’re already imagining yourself in the courtroom or your passions lie in healthcare, you have the power to enact positive change with your chosen study and career path.

“At UNSW, we’re challenged to think critically about the social impact we can have on the world, no matter which field we’re studying.”

Aiken Goh  
UNSW Bachelor of Commerce / Law

Discover your path to social progress at UNSW Sydney

From Business to Law to Medicine & Health, our programs are embedded with an ethos of social progress and equity – so you can drive progress for all, no matter what field you choose.

Start your exploration with these study pathways that could empower you to drive social progress with your future career:

Explore UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture

Be empowered to drive social change in an area that you’re passionate about. At UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture, you’ll gain critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills while tackling real-world challenges like climate change and cultural diversity. Study a Bachelor of Arts to explore diverse majors across Global Development, Geographical Studies, Criminology, Politics and International Relations, or explore our more specialised degrees:

  • Bachelor of Social Sciences: Gain skills that impact policy, drive social change and make a real difference to local and global communities. Combine deep knowledge in social science disciplines with policymaking training on national and international issues.
  • Bachelor of Social Work (Honours): Make a direct impact on the lives of others. From counselling and advocacy to community work, research and policy development, you’ll help positively influence individuals, families and communities.
  • Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics: Create solutions with real impact to various global challenges. With an international understanding and unique skillset, you’ll be uniquely equipped to drive important social, political and economic change.
  • Or explore our Bachelor of Education (Primary) and (Secondary) programs, where you’ll be empowered to shape future generations’ engagement with their community and understanding of the world.

Whichever path you take, you’ll gain the critical thinking and problem-solving skills to approach our world’s most pressing problems in new and innovative ways to create positive impact.  

Explore UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture’s full suite of dynamic, impact-driven study areas:

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Create a more just future

Interested in creating systemic change? Don’t just imagine a more just future, put yourself in the driver’s seat and action it at UNSW Law & Justice.

The Bachelor of Laws (LLB) is a double degree program that increases your understanding of the wider social implications of law. From social science to psychological science or business, you can tailor your studies to drive social justice in a field you’re passionate about.

Alternatively, with our Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, you’ll explore the complexities of criminal justice, crime prevention and law enforcement. Social progress is a fundamental part of this program – you'll critically interrogate pressing real-world issues like Indigenous over-incarceration, sexual violence and drug and alcohol policy.

Make an impact at UNSW Business School

Take your passion for social impact to the business world. As organisations continue to place increasing emphasis on environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG), professionals with social impact expertise are more in demand than ever. With a Bachelor of Economics, you’ll uncover how human behaviour and decisions made by institutions and people determine economic and social outcomes. Through initiatives including socially driven entrepreneurship, investing and development, economics can drive sustainable growth, poverty reduction and a more equitable distribution of resources.

Learn more about sustainability and social impact at UNSW Business School:

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Explore social progress through our other fields of interest.

We're advancing equal opportunities for all

Our community provides free qualified tax and legal advice to vulnerable Australians through UNSW’s Tax & Business Advisory Clinic and Kingsford Legal Centre.   

From the legal clinic to the boardroom, learn more about the social progress you can be a part of.

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