Welcome to Yuwaya Ngarra-li

A community-led partnership between the Dharriwaa Elders Group and UNSW.

CommUNIty-Led Development in Walgett NSW
Yuwaya Ngarra-li is our community-led partnership with the Dharriwaa Elders Group.
The purpose of Yuwaya Ngarra-li is for the Dharriwaa Elders Group and UNSW to work together to improve the wellbeing, social, built and physical environment and life pathways of Aboriginal people in Walgett through collaborating on evidence-based initiatives, research and capacity building. We are also refining and evaluating this as a model of community-university collaboration: CommUNIty-Led Development.
Yuwaya Ngarra-li (pronounced you-why-uh nyuh-ruh-lee) is enabled by community, university, government and philanthropic support. The name Yuwaya Ngarra-li is the phrase for dream (yuwa-ya) from sleep-in, and see (ngarra-li) in the Yuwaalaraay and Yuwaalayaay languages. The Dharriwaa Elders Group chose this phrase to reflect that our partnership represents the DEG's vision for community-led development and positive change.
  • Responding to local priorities
  • Community-led knowledge, solutions and services
  • Advocating for long-term change

Our people

Our team is made up of people based in Walgett, Sydney and beyond.