Current programs

The Dharriwaa Elders Group and UNSW collaborate on evidence-based programs, research and capacity building.

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Explore our current programs focused on caring for Country, food and water security, children and young people, Aboriginal community leadership, capabilities and control, fines, and housing. 


Children and young people

This program has been working to identify what is contributing to the high rates of young Aboriginal people ending up in the justice system and local, evidence-based strategies that could work to support aboriginal children and young people in Walgett to thrive in their community.

Food and water security

Food and water security are major areas of concern for the Walgett community, and the Dharriwaa Elders Group (DEG) and the Walgett Aboriginal Medical Service (WAMS) have been working to improve access to fresh food and safe drinking water in Walgett for many years.

Caring for Country

Collaborators from the Global Water Institute have been working with Yuwaya Ngarra-li to provide advice and assistance to the Dharriwaa Elders Group and others in Walgett on water issues, incorporating Indigenous knowledges and responding to local priorities.

Aboriginal community leadership, capabilities and control

Long-term priorities for Yuwaya Ngarra-li include supporting the capacity, governance, advocacy and leadership of Walgett Aboriginal community controlled organisations, and the redirection of government funding towards strengths-based, holistic, community-led initiatives in Walgett.

Dealing with Fines

The DEG in Walgett has witnessed the detrimental impact of fines in their community, leading to cycles of financial hardship, poverty and criminalisation. The Dealing with Fines project aims to provide access to justice for the Walgett Aboriginal Community, reducing criminalisation and improving diversion from the criminal justice system.


Housing shortage and quality has been a long-term priority for DEG and others in Walgett. Since 2022, DEG has been able to work closely with Yuwaya Ngarra-li to document the housing need amongst the Aboriginal community in Walgett and develop community-led models of housing that could respond to local priorities and context.