Parents and guardians

Supporting your child’s journey and transition to university life.

Mother and daughter embracing behind car on college campus

As your child prepares to embark on the path to a fulfilling career, it's an exciting yet sometimes daunting time for young adults.

The decision to let your child live on campus at university is a significant one. Depending on your home's location, they might find themselves far from loved ones and navigating life on their own for the very first time.

We understand that there's truly no place like home. However, from the moment they set their bags down, we're confident they'll discover their unique place in our vibrant community.

I decided to live on campus mostly because both of my parents attended the Kensington colleges. They have so many friends from the colleges that I was excited to do the same.
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Tom Mann,
Goldstein College (Bachelor of Economics)

How we support student journeys

Our award-winning student experience ensures that your child's time at UNSW is as fulfilling and transformative as possible. From the moment they step onto campus, they become part of a vibrant and diverse residential community. Here, they will quickly establish meaningful connections with their peers, advisers and fellow residents. 

Safety, wellbeing and academic excellence are our top priorities. We provide an on-campus health clinic, mental health and wellbeing services, and round-the-clock security services. Our residents also benefit from academic mentorship, foster more peer connections and often engage in group study sessions.

Hamish’s dad Ash

I went to university and lived in a college as well. It's a great environment to meet people and you get to know the university a lot better.

  • It's a great way for the kids to realise their independence, especially if they've never lived away from home. Hamish and his twin brother Angus are both living on campus and we're very excited for them because it's such a good atmosphere and lifestyle.

  • Be yourself, enjoy meeting new people and different people.

Melissa & Jason: Baxter parents

As parents, we only wanted the best for our child. We believe living on campus allows our son to belong to a community, forge relationships to last a lifetime and become an integral part of building traditions.

  • Yes, we looked at other universities and colleges. We decided on Baxter because of the calibre of students, the helpfulness of the Dean and people we spoke with, and the sporting skills of many of the students.

  • We spoke to several students and went on a tour of the college and university. 

  • Go for it. It’s been an amazing experience for our son. He feels a part of the UNSW community and has met many friends from different walks of life. As a country boy, our son has been given the freedom and the confidence to tackle pretty much any situation.


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