UNSW colleges offer more than just accommodation; they provide a safe and supportive home, memories to last a lifetime and a genuine sense of belonging.

Students at UNSW on-campus accommodation

Colleges offer a vibrant community lifestyle that fosters new friendships and experiences essential to enriching your university journey. 

We understand that university life can be daunting, especially in your first year. By choosing to live on campus, you gain access to a thriving community of peers and residents, while also tapping into a vast network of talented and caring advisers who are there to provide the support you need when you need it. Come join our community and let us make your university experience truly exceptional. 

Living at college means my time at university is full of unforgettable memories I’m able to share with friends.
Basser College images
Alanna Condon
Former Basser College resident

UNSW operated

Basser College

UNSW's pioneering college. Basser is all about community, variety and social impact. From charity events to cultural adventures, there’s never a dull moment! 

Philip Baxter College

Boasting a long history of excellence, Baxter residents celebrate diversity, dominate on the field and enjoy an epic social calendar. 

Goldstein College

The cosiest of the Kensington colleges, Goldstein residents are like family. Their strong sense of belonging resonates through every spirited sporting and social endeavour.

Fig Tree Hall

A strong community built on the foundations of respect and inclusivity. Fig Tree Hall offers a balance of social and academic life in a safe, multicultural environment.

Colombo House

A hybrid between a traditional college and apartment style of living. Enjoy cooking independence in a vibrant collegiate community, brimming with year-round events and activities.


Unique, inclusive and empowering. UNSW Hall is an economical choice with catered meals, a great culture and a good balance of social activities.

International House

A balance of postgraduate and senior undergraduate local and international students with a focus on experiential learning, personal growth and global diversity. 

Forster College

A fully furnished and affordable accommodation complex for medical students studying at UNSW Rural Clinical School in Port Macquarie.

Independent colleges

Creston College

Fully catered accommodation for 24 female students in stylish and welcoming living areas. 

Applications for 2025 will open in August 2024.

An affiliate option

New College

An undergraduate, fully catered, residential community on-campus at UNSW. 

An affiliate option

New College Postgraduate Village

A residential community on campus, catering for postgraduate students studying at UNSW. 

An affiliate option

Shalom College

An inclusive, academic and personal college, established in 1973. 

An affiliate option

Warrane College

A residential community of 140 male university students and academics. 

An affiliate option