Leaving home

We're here to guide you through this exciting transition, explore your accommodation options at UNSW and help you make the most of your university experience.

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Leaving home for UNSW student accommodation

Making the decision to move out and embark on your journey as a university student can be both exciting and challenging. As you prepare for your first time away from home, you might find yourself grappling with questions about where to live, what the costs might be and how to adjust to your new surroundings. 

The big change

Leaving the comfort of your family home is undoubtedly a big change. It's the beginning of a new chapter in your life, filled with opportunities for growth, learning, and personal development. Whether you're from Australia or an international student, the prospect of moving to a new city, especially one as vibrant as Sydney, can be both exhilarating and daunting. However, rest assured that you won't be alone on this journey.

At UNSW Accommodation, we're committed to providing you with a welcoming and supportive community to help you ease into this transition. Our award-winning student experience is thoughtfully crafted to provide you with a nurturing new home where you can fully immerse yourself in student life.

Why live on campus?

Before you take the plunge, it's essential to weigh the pros and cons of living on campus versus independent shared accommodation.

Here are some advantages of living on campus:

  • Community: Our residences are bustling with activity, offering you a vibrant student community where friendships turn into lifelong bonds.

  • Value for money: Living on campus includes essentials like utilities, fast wi-fi and support services to bring down your cost of living. You can also choose options with catered meals, ensuite rooms and cleaning services.

  • Opportunities: On-campus living opens doors to numerous leadership opportunities, from house committees to involvement in student clubs and societies. Engaging in these leadership experiences not only enriches your university journey but also significantly enhances your employability, equipping you with valuable skills and experiences that employers seek.

  • Accessibility: You're just minutes away from classes, cafés, shops and public transport to explore Sydney’s iconic landmarks.

  • Privacy and independence: Your private room on campus is your own space to customise and make comfy. There are study areas for solo work or to get that group project done. There are also plenty of quiet nooks, green spaces, sunny corners and cafés within walking distance to sit with your laptop and study. 

While many of our residents choose to live with us for the duration of their degree, some also leverage the friendships they make on campus to explore independent accommodation. This approach allows you to hand-pick your flatmates and ensures that your transition from campus to share house living is seamless.

Home isn’t just a structure. It’s a sense of belonging generated by the people around you. It’s about being comfortable where you are, in the here and now
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Zac Bush
UNSW Hall (Law/International studies)

Overcoming homesickness

It's natural to experience mixed feelings, especially homesickness, when you first leave home. Here are some ways to make the transition smoother:

Give it time: Adjusting to big changes takes a little while. Expand your comfort zone one day at a time and see how it grows on you.

Stay connected: Keep in touch with old friends to share your experiences – consider planning visits or exploring your new city together. 

Get involved: Join activities that interest you – such as sport, gaming or community service – to make friends with shared interests.

Orientation Week (O Week): Take the chance to meet new people and learn from experienced students. Ask as many questions as you can.

Befriend classmates: Form study groups and social circles within your courses to widen your support network.

Create your space: Make your room feel like home with posters, personal items, and cherished books and photos. 

Express yourself: Find creative ways to express your emotions, through activities like writing, art or music.

Talk to someone: Don't hesitate to reach out to friends, family or a counsellor if you need support.

Remember that your university life is a journey of growth and discovery. Leaving home might seem like a daunting step, but it's also an opportunity to craft your unique path, make friends from around the world and build the foundation for a promising future.

At UNSW Accommodation, we're here to support your journey and ensure that your time away from home is an unforgettable, enriching experience. So, take your higher education leap, enrol at UNSW and embrace the incredible adventure that awaits.