Forging its own traditions and culture, UNSW Hall proudly maintains a commitment to inclusivity and community.

UNSW student accommodation

UNSW has a proud history of providing college life for students and is committed to continuing the community that is UNSW Hall. Known as the international group cluster college, UNSW Hall forges its own traditions and culture and aims to be inclusive, positive and to assist students in the transition from high school to university and from adulthood into young leaders. 


UNSW Hall's uniquely coloured floors are named after seven well-known beaches around the City of Randwick.

This college is fully catered, offering three delicious meals a day. Residents will take all meals in the historic Goldstein Dining Hall a short distance away.

Good culture and social life, best balance and great international student community – UNSW Hall has a strong control of presentation. 

Today, UNSW Hall continues to be a popular and highly regarded accommodation option for students, providing a supportive and inclusive community where students can thrive both academically and socially.

  • Value for money
  • Broad mix of students
  • Activities catering for everyone

Student support

You’ll be supported by an on-site team comprising of the Dean, Deputy Dean and a team of Resident Fellows (or RFs). Every floor has an RF, and their job is to provide academic guidance and pastoral support and ensure each and every resident is looked after.

Academically, we run peer-led study groups to support students adjust to the academic requirements of university – in addition, we also run shared study sessions along with wellbeing programs co-ordinated by our Wellbeing Officer, helping to make the transition from high school to university a smooth one.


The best part about living in UNSW Hall is its cultural diversity and welcoming community feeling. You get to meet students from different degrees and different parts of the world. It’s like an extended family where everyone’s got your back.
UNSW student accommodation
Debbie Tommy
Bachelor of Computer Engineering (Honours)
Living on campus has exceeded all of my expectations and continues to do so! UNSW Hall has the best community; I love that there is such a diverse range of people that you meet all of which are so friendly and welcoming.
UNSW Hall Images - student accommodation
Swe Zarni Aung
Bachelor of Medical Science

Isabelle Creagh | Dean of UNSW Hall

The Dean is responsible for overseeing the daily management of all aspects college life, supporting both the students and residential staff in making sure the college is safe, enjoyable and all-inclusive.

Nurul Zurkarnain | Deputy Dean of UNSW Hall

As the Deputy Dean, Nurul is responsible for assisting Dean Isabelle in the daily management of the college, as well as fulfilling the role of Resident Fellow in terms of providing academic and pastoral support to a group of students.

Resident and Student Fellows

Resident Fellows (RFs) are staff members of UNSW and typically in their final years of study or already holding a degree. RFs live with the students on their floors and provide daily academic and pastoral support. RFs aren’t teachers, but they’re a little like a supportive older sibling with loads of experience to pass on and a willingness to help guide the residents.

A Student Fellows (SF) is assigned every year in Goldstein College. They’re a volunteer senior student whose role is to create and run a range of proactive wellbeing initiatives for the entire college. The SF works closely with the RF’s and Deputy Dean, ensuring the wellbeing of all residents is top of mind.


  • 44-week occupancy

  • fully furnished

  • shared bathrooms

  • wi-fi, electricity, gas and water included

  • cleaning of rooms fortnightly

  • 24-hour campus security

  • meals provided.


Room types & fees

Room type




$449.00 p/w

(Breakfast, lunch, dinner)



  1. Contract period is 44 weeks. Single-term contracts are currently not available due to high occupancy numbers, please contact office for more details.
  2. Weekly rates are for 2024 and are expected to change each year. Rates shown are for full-year contracts only.

The contract period is from 2 February 2024 to 9 December 2025.