Colombo House

Enjoy independence and freedom while part of a strong collegiate community with many events and activities throughout the year.

Students at UNSW on-campus accommodation

Colombo House is a hybrid between a traditional college and apartment style of living. With more than 35 nationalities from all corners of the globe, this thriving multicultural community focuses on celebrating our diversity through events and activities. In fact, the Colombo International Food Festival is one of the most delicious events of the year!


From regular barbecues and movie, trivia and talent nights, to social sporting opportunities, food fairs, cultural performances, cooking classes and regular outings exploring everything Sydney has to offer, Colombo House has built a strong sense of community among its residents.

You’ll quickly become part of the family at Colombo.

Self-catered, the freedom to cook your own food
Independence and privacy to clean your own room
Culturally diverse with a range of events to choose from

Student support

You’ll be supported by an on-site team comprising of the Dean, Deputy Dean and a team of Senior Student Volunteers (RAs). Every floor has an RA, and it’s their job to provide pastoral support and ensure each and every resident is looked after.

Colombuddy is a mentoring program partnering new and returning residents, helping you get settled into college life, the university and the local area.

Academically, we run peer-led study groups to support students adjust to the academic requirements of university study – in addition, we also run shared study sessions along with wellbeing programs co-ordinated by our Wellbeing Officer, helping to make the transition from high school to university a smooth one.


My favourite part is the people living in Colombo. I have made some amazing friends and have made some very memorable experiences. 
Jada Chalouhi
Jada Chalouhi
Bachelor of Media (PR and Advertising)
Colombo House has such a family spirit; everyone is friends with everyone. You can have a chat with anyone you bump into. There’s always something to do. Everyone on campus is so lovely and willing to be your friend!
Colombo House student accommodation resident
Alina Burgess
Bachelor of Medical Studies/Doctor of Medicine

Michael Patoka | Dean of Colombo House

Having completed my degree at UNSW in Masters of Commerce, helping to open and establish Colombo House from our inaugural year in 2014 has always felt like being at home! As the dean, it gives me great privilege to welcome new residents to the college and watch them on their journey through their studies. Looking after Colombo we have created many warm traditions and the college continues to create new and exciting initiatives through our leadership and volunteer opportunities. 

I grew up in Sydney. I love sharing my intimate knowledge of Australia's culture and landscape with our residents and making sure they know the best places to visit in their term breaks! I work closely with our College House Committee to make sure we are delivering the best community-building, inclusive and fun activities to our residents. Colombo House pastoral care team are always there for students needing support, we all live on site and this makes it easier to discuss matters, regardless how simple or complicated they may be. 

Colombo House is my home along with my family; my wife Stephanie and our three children, Matilda, Joshua and Rosy, who have all grown up living in the college and consider the college community their extended home. 

It gives me great pleasure to welcome students from all over Australia and the world through our doors. We are a young, thriving college community and are continually working hard to build our respectful and diverse culture. I hope we get the chance to meet you soon!

Delicia Toro | Deputy Dean of Colombo House

Hi everyone! This will be my second year as a deputy dean at Colombo and I am very excited to meet you all! A little bit about myself… I was born in France, lived in Spain for a couple of years, then moved to Mexico for around eight years, and then decided to do an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Neuroscience in Canada. And finally… decided to move to Sydney to pursue a career in medicine. 

While studying in Canada, I worked for several years in different colleges. It has always been my passion to help other students and be part of their academic and personal growth. When coming to Sydney, I was very lucky to become the deputy dean and work with Dean Mike to build an inclusive and diverse community. It has been absolutely amazing getting to know so many different people and seeing how every student brings their own qualities to the college.

Student Fellow & Resident Assistants

Student Fellow (SF) are volunteer senior student who works closely with the Deans to ensure wellbeing of all residents is top of mind. The student Fellows in Colombo House create events, activities and learning opportunities in the college to support and encourage wellbeing every Term.

Resident Assistants (RAs) are assigned to each floor. They’re volunteer student leaders whose role is to make sure each and every student has access to any support they may need. The RA team works closely with the SF's, Deputy Dean and Dean, ensuring the pastoral care of all residents is of the highest quality.

House Committee

The House Committee is composed of student leaders elected annually by residents in various portfolios aimed at offering residents opportunities to be involved in extra-curricular activities. The House Committee in Colombo House includes an executive group and administers a budget each year across portfolio areas including: cultural, sport, social, charities, amenities, food and international.


  •  242 rooms
  • average room size 10-12 square metres

  • fully furnished 

  • private bathrooms (ensuite)

  • Wi-Fi, electricity, gas and water included
  • regular support from college staff
  • leadership and networking opportunities

  • cleaning of common areas only
  • self-catered with large kitchens and cooking facilities

  • 24-hour campus security

  • social and group study rooms on each floor 

  • large common room adjacent to a private outdoor courtyard

  • rooftop terrace with outdoor barbecue facilities

  • QR-operated and cashless laundry facilities.


Room types & fees

Room type








  1. Contract period is 52 weeks. Single-term contracts are currently not available due to high occupancy numbers, please contact office for more details.
  2. Weekly rates are for 2024 and are expected to change each year. Rates shown are for full-year contracts only.

The contract period is from 1 February 2024 to 24 January 2025.