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Education and training are key fundamental aspects of the aviation industry. Almost every aspect of the industry that is critical to operations requires dedicated education and training, with many requiring official certification and licensing. As such, research into effective and efficient teaching and learning is essential to the aviation industry, across all sectors: pilot training, maintenance engineering, remotely piloted aircraft, air traffic management and control, accident and incident investigation, and many others. Research into aviation education and training will focus on studying teaching in a higher education setting, and may including what teaching methods are most effective for various aviation content, evaluating how students learn and interact with content to improve teaching design, student motivation and experiences in aviation, and improving understanding of which topics or concepts are particularly challenging for students. Research in aviation education and training will utilise and incorporate advanced technologies, for both student engagement and for assessment. Current technological developments include the use of virtual and augmented reality (mixed realities), simulations, and biometrics.



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Aeronautical Engineering Program Coordinator Graham Wild
Aeronautical Engineering Program Coordinator