Program overview

4 years
3 Industry placements

Career opportunities

Information Systems (IS) is one of the fastest growing areas of business and employers are seeking tech savvy graduates to hop into the driver's seat. Graduate demand in this area has grown rapidly over the last decade and there are many exciting career opportunities available locally and abroad.

As a BIS graduate you will be in high demand from industry and the government sector, including banking, finance, insurance, manufacturing, IT and consulting companies, and government organisations, as well as mining and movie productions!

Career opportunities for BIS graduates are wide and varied and greatly depend on the individual's interests and pursuit of specialist areas.

Some examples of roles Co-op BIS alumni have pursued upon graduation are:

  • Chief Information Officer 
  • Business Development Manager - IS/IT Solutions 
  • Principal Technical Lead 
  • Portfolio Test Manager 
  • Systems Development Manager 
  • Database Manager
  • Business Analyst / Systems Analyst 
  • Communications Network Analyst 
  • Enterprise Systems Specialist 
  • Project Management Specialist 
  • e-Business Specialist 
  • Consultant - Information Systems / Information Technology 
  • Information Systems Security Consultant 
  • Release Manager 
I was ecstatic when I found out I had secured a Co-op scholarship. When I received the call saying that I got in, I was in absolute disbelief. As a student born in Vietnam and from a low socio-economic background, I was incredibly grateful for the opportunity, and it has given me much more confidence in starting university.
UNSW Co-op Program
Tina Dang
Business Information Systems