Program overview

4 years
3 Industry placements

Career opportunities

Data scientists have the skills to analyse and interpret the growing volumes and help convert this information into insights, which can transform businesses and industries. The soaring demand for employees with qualifications in data science and analysis means that career opportunities abound across a range of areas.

Practical applications of Data Science and Decisions:

  • Internet search engines
  • Targeted digital advertisements
  • Product recommending systems
  • Image recognition, speech recognition
  • Machine learning in video games
  • Price comparison websites
  • Airline route planning
  • Fraud and risk detection
  • Optimising logistics

Co-op was definitely my dream path, I am so happy I was able to go through all the selection rounds and eventually be offered the degree. Data science blends everything I loved in high school - coding, math and business. My goal is to use Data Science skills to tackle real-world problems in various fields where data can make a difference.
Co-op Scholar DSD Arya
Arya Ahluwalia
Data Science & Decisions