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Kaldor Centre Conference at UNSW Law, Kensington Campus on November 24, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. Photo by Anna Kucera
The Kaldor Centre works to catalyse change by bringing people together to share knowledge and generate new insights for better responses to displacement. Acting as a bridge between scholarship, policy and practice, we strengthen the capacity of the refugee sector as a whole by resourcing and coordinating with our vast network of scholars, policymakers, legal practitioners, civil society and refugee-led organisations. 
We are committed to building up the next generation of thought leaders in forced migration, through supporting the development of early career scholars and advancing the voices of people with lived experience in academic and policy fora. Explore our networks and collaborations below.


Displaced scholars peer mentoring program

The Displaced Scholars Peer Mentoring Program aims to support early career scholars who have experienced displacement and are researching and/or studying in the field of refugee and forced migration studies.

Emerging scholars network

The Kaldor Centre’s next-generation Emerging Scholars Network (ESN) is a global group of graduate and early-career scholars whose work impacts on refugee and migration issues. 

Legal centres teleconference

The Kaldor Centre convenes a national teleconference which operates as a forum for knowledge-exchange and collaboration between lawyers, legal organisations, academics and peak bodies involved in the legal aspects of asylum and refugee practice and policy in Australia.

Strategic litigation network

The Strategic Litigation Network connects legal practitioners conducting refugee litigation to academics with specialised expertise relevant to the case, in the interests of supporting more robust legal strategies and arguments before the court.