Complementary protection decisions

Beyond the shore of Buka, deep in the Pacific Ocean there is no telecommunications and almost no electric power, lie a small cluster of atolls called the Carteret Islands. With a combined landmass of a little over half a square kilometer, these islands are home to 2,000 islanders who live a simplified rural lifestyle where they fish, grow food, build their homes, and rely on the resources available to them on the miniature islands.The communities who live in the tropical atolls are among the most economically, socially and physically disadvantaged populations in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville. This can be due to a number of factors such as high population density; low income levels; poor access to services; land shortages and diminishing crop yields. These factors are further compounded by the negative effects posed by increased climate change and other occasional hazards such as tsunamis which can easily rip through the shallow islands.

Since 24 March 2012, asylum seekers processed in Australia have been able to claim protection on broader grounds than those contained in the Refugee Convention, reflecting Australia’s obligations under international human rights law.

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