(S)MATR - (Standardised) Major Axis Estimation and Testing Routines

Software for bivariate line-fitting in allometry.

smatr version 3 is available as an R package from CRAN.

Or try (S)MATR as an executable file written by Dan Falster. This comes with a helpful user's guide.

mvabund - model-based analysis of multivariate abundances in ecology

Software for multivariate analysis in ecology, via visualizing and modelling key data properties (in particular, the mean-variance relationship). This avoids undesirable properties of algorithmic approaches (Warton et al 2012). The package has (model-based) methods for hypothesis testing, including traits in models to explain interspecific variation, and predictive modelling tools via the LASSO.

Available as an R package from CRAN

ppmlasso - point process regression modelling with regularisation

Software for species distribution modelling using presence-only data, with a range of potential choices of penalised estimation (LASSO, elastic net, etc) to avoid over-fitting and implicitly perform model selection.

Available as an R package from CRAN

metaSADs - Fitting species abundance distributions at the metacommunity level

Matlab toolbox developed for (Forster & Warton 2007).