We developed methods for allometric line fitting (with Ian Wright, Dan Falster and Mark Westoby at Macquarie University).

We recently developed outlier-resistant methods of line-fitting for allometry with Sara Taskinen (U. Jyvaskyla), and updated the smatr software (version 3, with Dan Falster and Remko Duursma).

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Allometry is the study of how one size variable scales against the other. Typically methods related to principal components are used for analysis, although in low dimensions (usually 2-3D), and with the primary focus being inference about model coefficients rather than data reduction. Two problems yet to be adequately addressed in the literature: how to make inferences about allometric lines whose coefficients are a function of continuous covariates; how to generalise inferential methods to relax the independence assumption across points to handle phylogenetic relationships between variables.


Software for bivariate line-fitting in allometry.

smatr version 3 is available as an R package from CRAN.

Or try (S)MATR as an executable file written by Dan Falster. This comes with a helpful user's guide.