Our people

Eco-Stats members past and present, and collaborators

people in Eco stats research center
 David Warton

Professor and Australian Research Council Future Fellow

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 Jakub Stoklosa

Lecturer (2017-), Modern regression methods for big data in ecology.

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Maeve McGillycuddy

Stats Central consultant, PhD student (2019-23) Latent variable models for the glmmTMB package.

Michelle Lim

PhD Student (2019-), Equivalence tests for multivariate abundance data.

Elliot Dovers

Research Associate (2022-), fast methods for fitting log-Gaussian Cox processes and extensions.

Sam Mason

PhD Student (2023-), Spatio-temporal species distribution models.

Eve Slavich

Stats Central consultant (2017-), Topoclimate modelling, and the block bootstrap

Ben Maslen

PhD Student (2021-), Stats Central consultant (2018-) Machine learning methods to automate fish counting and classification.