Dr Anthony Smith
Research Associate

Dr Anthony Smith

PhD, UNSW Sydney
GradCert Human Rights (with distinction), Curtin University.
BA (Hons) English & Creative Writing, Murdoch University.
BA Philosophy and BA Theatre & Drama, Murdoch University.

Arts,Design & Architecture
Centre for Social Research in Health

I specialise in social research in the field of HIV prevention and sexual health. I am a qualitative health researcher and sociologist and have worked at the Centre for Social Research in Health (CSRH) since 2018, where I successfully completed my PhD (2018-2022). I am currently employed as a postdoctoral researcher at CSRH. In this role I work as a project coordinator within the NSW PRISM project to investigate HIV stigma amongst gay and bisexual men, and on an NHMRC-funded project exploring how to expand the Gay Community Periodic Survey to priority populations.

My program of research is primarily focused on how communities and health professionals engage with HIV prevention, care, and surveillance. My research aims to better shape health policy, care, and service delivery that recognises, affirms, and supports individuals and communities to live well. I particularly focus on LGBTQ+ populations, particularly gay and bisexual men, along with community-based organisations and professionals serving these populations. Beyond a focus on HIV, sexual health, and LGBTQ+ communities, I am interested in the sociology of health and illness, pharmaceutical studies, critical public health, data justice, and the sociology of gender and sexuality.

I am currently involved in the following projects:

My past research projects include:

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  • Working Papers | 2022
    MacGibbon J; Cornelisse V; Smith A; Broady T; Hammoud M; Bavinton B; Paynter H; Vaughan M; Wright E; Holt M, 2022, Monkeypox knowledge, concern, willingness to change behaviour, and seek vaccination: Results of a national cross-sectional survey, http://dx.doi.org10.1101/2022.12.01.22282999

Principal Investigator - $75k Triple I Clinical Academic Group Seed Grant Funding (UNSW Medicine & Health) - Responding to monkeypox virus (RE:MPXV): a qualitative study of community and professional experiences

UNSW Scientia PhD Scholarship (2018-2022)
ASHM Early Career Award (2020)
ADA HDR Research Output Award (2020-2022)

My Research Supervision

Currently supervising:

  • Shannon Harvey: Disrupted bodies: Interrogating the gender binary in family violence policy and practice