Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) was subsidised by the Australian Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) in April 2018. GPs and HIV/sexual health specialists are key actors in prescribing PrEP to get maximal coverage of populations at risk of acquiring HIV, particularly gay and bisexual men. However, little research has been conducted in Australia to explore the various factors which shape the context and experience of prescribing PrEP.

In this qualitative study, we examine clinician perspectives on prescribing PrEP in Australia, focusing on the two distinctive contexts of New South Wales (NSW) and Western Australia (WA). The primary aim of this study is to produce new understandings of the clinical practice of HIV prevention in a time of rapid change.

Additionally, this study has the potential benefit of understanding how to improve clinical practice and deepen understandings of how clinicians engage with new areas of practice and understanding how clinicians negotiate science, clinical guidelines, uncertainty, risk and the complex lives of patients. 

This project is currently recruiting doctors in NSW and WA for semi-structured interviews: see for more information, or email the project manager, Anthony K J Smith.

  • Bridget Haire, The Kirby Institute