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The research study aims to conduct a comprehensive assessment of HIV prevention needs among men who have sex with men of Asian background who are currently living in Sydney.

In Sydney, similar HIV&STI-focused behavioural surveillance among Gay Asian Men was conducted in 1999 and 2002. A third round of such community-based survey was conducted between September 2015 and December 2016. In the latest round, apart from traditional offline recruitment from a number of specific venues and events with high clientele of gay Asian men, online recruitment was introduced and later on expanded beyond Sydney (to Melbourne, in collaboration with ARCSHS, La Trobe University and the Victorian AIDS Council). Also, sexual health clinics and community-based test sites were included in the latest round.

The latest round of the Sydney Gay Asian Men Survey was led and sponsored by the CALD Gay Men Action Group (SLHD, SESLHD, SWSLHD, NSLHD, WSLHD, ACON, Multicultural HIV and Hepatitis Service [MHAHS] and CSRH). This type of community-based periodic behavioural surveillance aims to address CALD gay men’s HIV and health promotion needs by developing, implementing and coordinating social research, health promotion and social marketing activities, consistent with NSW HIV and STIs Strategic Plans.

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Centre for Social Research in Health

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HIV and Sexual Health

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