HIV has become a chronic, manageable condition in the developed world, and early and lifelong treatment has the potential to significantly reduce transmission rates. A skilled and motivated clinical workforce will be required to provide expert care in the future. Still, concerns have been noted in a number of settings about the challenges of recruiting a new generation of clinicians to HIV medicine.

This three-year qualitative study aimed to understand why general practitioners (GPs) pursue or sustain an engagement with HIV medicine in different caseload and geographical settings across Australia, and build new knowledge on the role of GPs in maintaining and enhancing health of people living with HIV.

Two rounds of semi-structured interviews were conducted: the first with 24 key informants holding senior positions in government, non-government and professional/educational organisations relating to HIV care; the second with 47 clinicians experienced in providing HIV care in general practice. Ten papers were published from this research in the peer-reviewed literature.

Research Centre

Centre for Social Research in Health

Research Area

Chronic Health Conditions

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NHMRC Project Grant, Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing

A short summary of key findings was also prepared and is available here.

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