The COUNT study is designed to provide robust estimates of the prevalence of HIV and undiagnosed infection among gay and bisexual men and identify factors associated with undiagnosed infection. An earlier version of the study was conducted in 2013 and 2014. In 2018, participants of the Sydney Gay Community Periodic Survey were asked to provide oral fluid specimens for HIV testing.

The samples are sent to the National Reference Laboratory for processing and testing. Participants can provide a sample anonymously or opt to receive their test result (by SMS or phone). Test results will be provided to consenting participants within a month. The data will be used to estimate the level of undiagnosed HIV among gay and bisexual men in New South Wales, to identify risk factors that can be targeted in HIV prevention programs, and to assess progress in meeting targets in the New South Wales HIV Strategy.

Detailed information for people who have already participated in COUNT (PDF) [1005 Kb] 

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Centre for Social Research in Health

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HIV and Sexual Health

Undiagnosed HIV infections among gay and bisexual men increasingly contribute to new infections in Australia. (Published in Journal of the International AIDS Society, 2018).

Comparing Australian gay and bisexual men with undiagnosed and recently diagnosed HIV infection to those in the National HIV Registry. (Published in Sexual Health, 2017).

Declining prevalence of undiagnosed HIV in Melbourne, Australia, 2008-2014: results from community-based bio-behavioural studies of gay and bisexual men. (Published in Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, 2017).

The prevalence and correlates of undiagnosed HIV among Australian gay and bisexual men: results of a national, community-based, bio-behavioural survey. (Published in Journal of the International AIDS Society, 2015).

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