At the Centre for Social Research in Health, we undertake behavioural and social research that informs policy and practice.

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The Centre for Social Research in Health undertakes behavioural and social research on a wide range of health-related issues. Our multidisciplinary research is of the highest scholarly standards and aims to increase understanding of the individual, social and structural factors that influence health-related behaviours, experiences and outcomes. Working with community, non-government and government partners, our research informs appropriate and effective policy and practice.

Our research areas

Chronic health conditions

Examining the impact and lived experience of health-related conditions on those directly affected, their carers and their communities.

Evidence-making interventions in health

Investigating how to optimise the translation and implementation of complex health interventions by advancing more emergent and adaptive approaches to evidence-making.

Health promotion

Developing and evaluating innovative interventions to improve prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and care responses.

Hepatitis & harm reduction

Focusing on issues of hepatitis C risk and prevention, including vaccines, and the injecting of illicit drugs, as drug injecting is the primary route of transmission of hepatitis C in Australia.

HIV & sexual health

Focusing on population groups most at risk of infection, including gay men and other men who have sex with men, sex workers, people who inject drugs and so on.

Sexuality, health & education

Sex is an integral and important part of human experience and this area of research examines the diversity of expression of sexuality and sexual identities. It also explores issues of gender. Research in this area is concerned with informing and reviewing sex and sexuality education.

Stigma & discrimination

Focusing on experiences and the expression of stigma and discrimination towards people affected by blood borne viruses (BBVs) and sexually transmissible infections (STIs). Research in this area also includes investigations into interventions to address stigma and discrimination, and improve health outcomes for affected populations.

Vitalities Lab

The Vitalities Lab is a hub for interdisciplinary research that is lively, exciting, creative and novel.

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