Monkeypox virus (MPXV) was identified in 1970 and cases have been primarily identified in Central and West African countries. In 2022, MPXV cases began to be identified in high income countries, particularly among gay and bisexual men (GBM). The RE:MPXV project aims to assess knowledge about and attitudes to MPXV, behavioural risk reduction strategies and willingness to be vaccinated among GBM in Australia.

Community Survey

The first part of the project was a national survey, assessing knowledge and concern about MPXV, changes to behaviour in response to MPXV, and willingness to be vaccinated.

Qualitative Interviews

The second part of the project is a qualitative interview study with the aim of investigating experiences of being diagnosed with MPXV, isolation and recovery, the experience of being a close contact, and the views of healthcare providers about the MPXV response and impacts on healthcare services.

We are currently looking for people in the following groups to take part in a confidential 1-hour interview:

  • People diagnosed with MPXV
  • Close contacts of MPXV
  • Healthcare workers responding to MPXV

Please contact Anthony K J Smith if you would like to find out more about participating in an interview.

Research Centre

Centre for Social Research in Health

Research Area

Chronic Health Conditions | HIV and Sexual Health

Australian Government Department of Health
NSW Ministry of Health
Triple I Clinical Academic Group Seed Grant Funding (UNSW Medicine & Health)

Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations
Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health & Society
Kirketon Road Centre
National Association of People With HIV Australia
NSW Ministry of Health
Queen Mary University London
Sydney Sexual Health Centre
The Kirby Institute

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