Through creativity, how can you seek and solve problems and improve life on earth? Join UNSW Arts, Design and Architecture and learn to listen, challenge, create and share diverse knowledge about people, place and cultures to enable lives with purpose.

Transforming approaches to mental health

How can social anxiety, peer pressure and other causes of depression be addressed in creative ways? Step into virtual reality to see what happens in an anxious or traumatised brain and body. Professor Jill Bennett leads the Felt Experience & Empathy Lab bringing together psychologists and artists to develop technology to help understand and transform these experiences.
Be inspired by Jill’s work and help address mental health issues.
Scientia Professor Jill Bennett, Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow. Fields of Interest marketing campaign still.

Meet Jill Bennett

Scientia Professor & Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow

Professor Jill Bennett is an expert in art and trauma. She is founding Director of The Big Anxiety Research Centre – and one of the largest mental health arts festivals. Join Jill in making an impact at UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture.

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Revolutionising performance for our times

The global pandemic has significantly impacted the performing arts – with many arts venues closed for a time. Associate Professor Jonathan Bollen has found creative ways to collaborate with students online in a new genre of digital theatre. Actions, words and images are streamed in real-time from performers separated by distance – creating connection through live performance.
Be inspired by Jonathan’s work and re-imagine theatre and performance.
Associate Professor Jonathan Bollen. Fields of Interest marketing campaign still.

Meet Jonathan Bollen

Associate Professor

Associate Professor Jonathan Bollen explores how performance moves around the world connecting people, capturing attention and inspiring us to remake the world. Join Jonathan in making an impact at UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture.

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