How do we meet the increasing global demand for different types of energy while also reducing our carbon footprint? What will it take to reverse the effects of climate change? By joining Australia's #1 Engineering Faculty, you'll help lead the way in energy and climate change innovation.

Help reverse climate change using Australian minerals

The race to zero net emissions is a race we can’t afford to lose. Thanks to a $2.38M grant from the Australian Business Council, Professor Rose Amal is working to convert CO2 waste into fuel and feedstock. The ultimate aim is to reduce CO2’s harmful atmospheric effects. It’s just one of our research projects in fine particle technology, photocatalysis and functional nanomaterials.
Be inspired by Rose's work and help find new sources of energy.
Scientia Professor Rose Amal. Fields of Interest marketing campaign still.

Meet Rose Amal

Scientia Professor

In 2021 Rose was awarded the prestigious Chemeca Medal by the Australian & New Zealand Federation of Chemical Engineers, a reward for 15 years of contributing to engineering research. Join Rose in making an impact at UNSW Engineering.

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Help pioneer clean transport

The Sunswift solar car and Redback SAE racing teams, led by Professor Richard Hopkins, are transforming automotive technology. The two teams have a combined 40+ years designing, manufacturing and testing solar electric vehicles. Recently, the Sunswift team set a world record for fastest electric vehicle over 500kms, while Redback Racing placed third in the Vehicle Efficiency category in 2017 at the Formula SAE-A. Richard and the teams are now leading innovation in other modes of transport, including freight.
Be inspired by Richard's work and help re-write the rules.
Professor of Practice Richard Hopkins. Fields of Interest marketing campaign still.

Meet Richard Hopkins

Professor of Practice

As former Head of Operations for Red Bull's Formula One Team, Professor of Practice Richard Hopkins understands innovation. He's now helping develop electric and self-driving vehicles. Join Richard and Sunswift in making an impact at UNSW Engineering.

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In other engineering news

Here's just a sample of other ways UNSW Engineering is leading in energy:
  • UNSW students have designed a solution to help improve the electricity availability to remote villages on Viwa Island and Yanuca Island, off the coast of Fiji.

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  • Liquid metal catalysts show great promise for capturing carbon and cleaning up pollutants, requiring so little energy they can even be created in the kitchen.

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  • UNSW’s Energy Storage technologies capabilities focuses on innovations that will drive future energy and minerals production. 

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  • Transcending technical mastery – Transforming our educational culture  - UNSW Civil & Environmental Engineering shares its visionary blueprint.

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  • Research into wind technologies to analyse the impact wind energy has on electricity markets, develop models, and assess the technical impacts of integrating it into the grid.

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  • Scientists have closed the loop on greenhouse gas emissions by turning carbon dioxide back into coal in a low energy, efficient process using liquid metals as catalyst.

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