Want to play a vital role in protecting everyone's health? Transforming lives through improved mental wellbeing, community health and Indigenous health? Join UNSW Medicine & Health to prevent disease and strengthen our health systems – for all Australians.

Help stop the next pandemic

When COVID-19 hit, policymakers leaned heavily on health experts – like Professor Raina MacIntyre and the UNSW Biosecurity team. They’ve developed EPIWATCH, an AI-driven epidemic observatory, and COVID-19 transmission models to answer urgent policy questions – like the partial or complete lifting of Australia’s travel ban on China, regional disease control, school closures, social distancing and mask usage.
Be inspired by Raina's work and help keep everyone safe.
Professor Raina MacIntyre. Fields of Interest marketing campaign still.

Meet Raina MacIntyre


Raina has spent 28+ years studying pandemics, epidemic infections, emerging infections and vaccines – including 15 years at the National Centre for Immunisation Research. Join Raina in making an impact at UNSW Medicine & Health.

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Help improve older people's wellbeing

Developed thanks in part to the research of Ebony Lewis, the award-winning CriSTAL tool identifies older terminal patients on admission to healthcare. The tool estimates their risk of death in the short-term then facilitates discussion on their individual care preferences. It’s helped thousands of patients live out their final days in a manner they choose.
Be inspired by Ebony's work and help improve healthcare for all Australians.
Ebony Lewis, Medicine & Health Faculty. Fields of Interest marketing campaign still.

Meet Ebony Lewis


Ebony’s experience in nursing fed her passion for improving life for older people. Her research in geriatrics and gerontology is now improving the end-of-life experience for older people with advanced chronic illness. Join Ebony in making an impact at UNSW Medicine & Health.

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If you want to play a vital role in protecting public health, here are some degrees that will help you make a difference.

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