High Street

High Street Apartments are conveniently located right across the road from UNSW, striking the perfect balance for students with commitments outside of study.

High Street Apartments are conveniently located right across the road from UNSW, striking the perfect balance for students with commitments outside of study.

Located opposite UNSW at Gate 9, High Street Apartments are the perfect fit for couples and families, saving you from long trips home after a busy day of lectures or study! 

Preference at High Street is generally reserved for couples and families with children. 

There are nine two-bedroom apartments and six one-bedroom apartments available, with an average room size of approximately 10 to 12 square metres.

Balance study and family life at High Street.

  • Family-friendly
  • Independent living
  • Self-catered


  • average room size 10 to 12 square metres

  • fully furnished

  • private and shared bathrooms

  • all meals provided (including formal dinners) 

  • wi-fi, electricity, gas and water included

  • cleaning of rooms fortnightly

  • 24-hour campus security

  • social and group study rooms on each floor

  • large common room adjacent to landscaped gardens

  • rooftop terraces with outdoor barbecue facilities

  • coin-operated laundry facilities 

  • sporting, social and cultural programs

  • opportunities for student leadership and volunteering.

Each room is furnished with a desk and chair, bed, wardrobe and there’s a sofa in the living room. The kitchen has an oven and fridge, but you’ll need to bring your own cutlery and pots and pans if you plan to do any cooking!


You can obtain a parking card ($50 deposit), which allows you to use the car park at High St. There’s limited availability and you may be placed on a waiting list. 

To obtain a permit, contact the Student Accommodation office to make an appointment and make sure you bring your Student ID card and vehicle registration (provided by the RTA under the licensee's name). If your vehicle’s registration is not under the licensee’s name, please ensure you bring additional documentation, such as the vehicle’s insurance under the licensee’s name).

Do you have children?

UNSW have an agreement with SDN Children’s Services for the ongoing management of the Owls House, Tiggers Honeypot and House at Pooh Corner Early Years childcare centres that cater for children from infants to school. If you need to arrange day care for your children, they facilitate innovative, child-centred and child-led learning programs in a safe, healthy, happy and stimulating context that allows children to develop a lifelong love of learning.

Visit the UNSW Early Years website for more information and to apply to the wait list.

Room types & fees

Room type




1-bedroom apartment

$584.50 p/w




2-bedroom apartment
$737.50 p/w




  1. Contract period is 52 weeks. Single term contracts are currently not available due to high occupancy numbers, please contact office for more details.
  2. Weekly rates are for 2024 and are expected to change each year. Rates shown are for full year contracts only.

The contract period is from 23 January 2024 to 24 January 2025. The one-bedroom apartment is suitable for couples and the two-bedroom apartment is suitable for families.