Program Code: 1643


Advances in experimental physics are leading to exciting new possibilities in the area of quantum technology. The dynamics of quantum systems are fundamentally different from classical systems. New methods in control theory are needed to allow for these dynamics and to exploit the opportunities arising. The control challenges in these emerging quantum technologies require the control of systems with complex interactions of many particles and subsystems, as well as decoherence effects resulting from interaction with the environment. The aim is to build a substantial research effort to address these challenges by developing new theories of consensus, synchronisation, estimation and control for complex large-scale quantum systems. This project is supported by an Australian Research Council Laureate Fellowship for Professor Petersen.

Description of Work:

This research will involve fundamental control theory research in the area of Consensus, Estimation and Control in Complex Large-Scale Quantum Systems


Scienta Prof Ian Petersen


School of Engineering & IT

Research Area

Systems Engineering