We proudly showcase specific UNSW Canberra giving priorities, related to our research programs. Our current priorities are listed below.

Bushfire research

During the summer of 2019/2020, the world watched in horror as Australian bushfires burned an area the size of Germany and the UK combined. Australia (and the world) will benefit from more applied research into how extreme fires behave and how we manage them. This work will ensure our communities and emergency personnel can better prepare for and tackle disasters of this magnitude — or even prevent them outright.

The Howard Library

The John Howard Prime Ministerial Library works to improve public leadership and policy in Australia by preserving and making accessible the papers of both John Howard and his ministers. Other priorities include advancing research in public leadership and policy; curating exhibitions that introduce Australians to leadership and policy challenges through the experiences of the Howard Government (1996-2007); and contributing to the civic education of all Australians.

For more information or to make a donation, please contact: 

Kate Muir

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