Established within the School of Engineering & IT at UNSW Canberra, the Innovation Lab seeks to apply creativity, high-performance computing and advanced machine learning to a range of emerging challenges in cyber security, space, signals processing, and modelling.


Innovation Lab team 

Dr Timothy Lynar

Senior Lecturer and Lab Leader
Dr Aline Maalouf Research Associate
Dr Ram Prasad Mohanty Research Associate
Dr Omar Salim Research Associate
Jasmin Craufurd-Hill Research Associate
Jessemyn Modini Doctoral Candidate
Harriet Farlow Doctoral Candidate
Lisa Liu-Thorrold Doctoral Candidate
Hassan Wasswa Doctoral Candidate
Alexander Somerville Doctoral Candidate
Mahmuda Akter Doctoral Candidate
Mohammad Alam Doctoral Candidate
Dr Benjamin Kaehler

Visiting Fellow


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