The Advanced Composite Research Unit (ACRU) Composites Laboratory houses a reusable vacuum bagging system, including Heatcon composite bonders for thermosetting resin curing.

The reusable vacuum bagging system is used to manufacture hot cured thermoset polymer matrix composite components. It includes the Torr reusable silicone vacuum bags and heat blankets. The hot vacuum bagging process is controlled by Heatcon composite bonders. The Heatcon model HCS9200 (single zone) and model HCS9200 (dual zone) store up to 30 programs and feature: in progress graphic and numeric displays and temperature control; hottest/ coolest (automatically locates), or average of all thermocouples - mode selected by operator, 10 thermocouples per zone, temperature increments in 1°C. 

The reusable vacuum bagging system is used for undergraduate thesis work, and postgraduate and academic research.