The Structural Testing Laboratory (soils, concrete and steel) houses a wide variety of testing facilities.

The main test rig is capable of testing concrete panels and beams of sizes up to 3.5m x 4.0m where a maximum load of 1000kN can be applied. The test rig is highly configurable with two 500kN actuators, one 250kN actuator and one 100kN actuator. All actuators are connected to fully an automatic and programable hydraulic control system. They can be employed to conduct a wide range of quasi-static, and dynamic and fatigue tests with a large range of loads and displacement limits.

The laboratory is also equipped with three dynamic material testing machines with capacity ranging from 5kN to 250kN, two standard concrete compression machines with capacities of 3000kN and 5000kN, and other standard concrete specimen testing equipment including a 4 point bending test machine. 

These facilities are used for undergraduate classes and thesis work, and postgraduate and academic research.