Acoustic metamaterials are artificially structured media which can manipulate sound waves in unusual ways. Metasurfaces are thin layers of metamaterials, which enable wave manipulation within a compact structure.

This project can encompass experimental, theoretical and numerical approaches. A key area of interest is metasurfaces for acoustic waves in air. This will allow a number of practical acoustic devices to be designed and characterised, including lenses, beam steerers, absorbers and cloaks. Similar concepts can also be investigated for vibrational waves in solids.

Metamaterials research combines both fundamental and applied aspects, and there are many advances in optical manipulation and electromagnetic theory which could also be realised in acoustics. From an applied perspective, metamaterials have applications in noise and vibration control, acoustic tweezers and structural health monitoring.

An experimental project would best suit a student from an applied physics or engineering background. A basic familiarity with wave systems of any type (not necessarily acoustic) is essential.


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