Program Code: 1885


Engaging in a game can be mentally demanding. It is difficult to estimate the long-term impact of mental load of the gaming experience. This project will develop artificial intelligence models to extract cues of cognitive load and use these cues to adjust and adapt a game to maintain and sustain a healthy gaming experience. Cognitive load is defined here as the rate of depletion of mental resources as a player engages and plays a game.

Expected Background Knowledge:

  • Good programming skills
  • Good knowledge of signal and speech processing
  • Ability to learn or good understanding of cognitive psychology

Description of work:

  • A literature review of models for cognitive load
  • A literature review of cognitive load in games
  • Creating an artificial intelligence model to measure indicators for mental resources
  • Creating an artificial intelligence model to integrate the information on mental resources with a gaming environment
  • Testing the system.


Prof Hussein Abbass


School of Engineering & IT