School: Science

Program Code: 1892


The aim of this project is to modify the electronic band-structure of various 2D materials (conventional semiconductor heterostructures and atomically thin exfoliated materials) via nanoscale patterning aiming to realize exotic electronic phases probed by electrical transport measurements.

The results can shed light on fundamental questions in solid state physics such as mechanisms of high temperature superconductivity but can also have practical applications including post CMOS low power electronics.

This project is an integral part of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Future Low Energy Electronics and involves strong internode collaboration.

Desired background:

A BSc in Physics, experience with cryogenics and device fabrication is desirable. The successful applicant would need to meet the Australian Government H1E standards and UNSW entry standards.


Oleh Klochan to discuss possibilities.


School of Science

Research Area

Condensed Matter & Materials Physics