The ARC Linkage Program is a funding scheme that enables external partner organisations to undertake collaborative research projects with UNSW Canberra. 

The Program supports research projects with industry, government, and community organisations. It is designed to advance Australian research and innovation globally to benefit the broader Australian community. The scheme works alongside researchers to apply advanced knowledge to answer questions and solve problems.  

Grant funding is predominantly provided by the ARC, with partner organisations, providing a mix of cash and in-kind support. Most public, private, community, government, and not-for-profit organisations are eligible as partner organisations, provided they are not primarily funded for research or research-related activities by government. 

Support & Deadlines

Support for UNSW Canberra researchers for Linkage Applications is available from the following areas: 

Research Strategy Office (RSO) - strategic advice on all aspects of your application (see further details below) 

Research Grants and Contracts (RGC) - compliance and eligibility advice (visit the RGC website for more information) 

RSO Support

The Research Strategy Office provides targeted strategic advice on: 

  • the scope, nature, and suitability of any proposed project 
  • how to address the selection criteria including a track record 
  • how to maximise benefit 
  • enhancing application success 
  • partner organisation contributions required (including in-kind) 
  • general grantsmanship advice 
  • writing workshops 

Researchers are encouraged to discuss their project with the RSO at the early stages of their application process as fundamental issues are difficult to resolve late in the process. 

Please send any component of your proposal for strategic advice, as a Word file, to:   

For advice on your research proposal contact:

Professor Monica Whitty 
Director (Research), UNSW Canberra Cyber 
UNSW Canberra 


Please see the Research Grants and Contracts webpage for dates. 

For compliance and eligibility advice on ARC Linkage applications:

Visit the Research Grants and Contracts website.


UNSW Institute for Cyber Security