Program Code: 1631


Alumina tailings, commonly known as red mud, are potentially liquefiable. Its disposal and stabilisation is of directly relevance to both Australia and China. The primary objectives of our research in this area are:

Understanding the liquefaction behaviour of red mud.

Developing innovative solutions in stabilisation red mud. At presence we intend to focus on two approaches:

Using chemical additives

Using e-PVD

Description of Study: 

We intend to take in 1 to 2 PhD candidates to conduct PhD research in this pioneering area.

The research approach can be based on experimental studies, mathematical modelling and finite element analysis.

We intend to incorporate the critical soil mechanics framework, and hopefully developed constitutive (mathematical) modelling.

In the case of e-PVD, finite element studies will be used to modelling the electro-osmotic consolidation process.


A/Prof Robert Lo

Dr Rajah Gnanendran


School of Engineering & IT