Program Code: 1631


Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) is the way for the future of concrete technology. The necessity of using highly efficient superplasticisers and viscosity modifying agents means that it is highly probable that such sophisticated polymers may affect the processes of hydration, setting, and almost all of the mechanical and durability characteristics of the hardened concrete. The objective of this project is to conduct micro and nano-analysis on SCC and analyse the effects of the characteristics that SCC possesses on its long term mechanical and durability properties.

Description of Work:

Production of SCC using the state of the art methods.

Conducting a micro/nano study using SEM, XRD and Spectrotomography.

Analysis of microstructural results and relating them to macrostructural mechanical and durability characteristics.


Dr Obada Kayali

Prof Evgeny Morozov


School of Engineering & IT