Program Code: 1885


Eye tracking is a fast evolving technology. Currently, a number of problems exist in many eye-tracking systems when head movements occur, and other sources of noise interfere with the video signal. This project is to develop efficient and fast techniques for generating a smooth and robust control of objects on a screen using artificial intelligence models. The expected outcome of this project is a better eye tracking system and an artificial intelligence model that integrates eye movement with actions in a game environment.

Expected Background Knowledge:

  • Good programming skills
  • Good knowledge of signal and speech processing
  • Ability to learn or good understanding of cognitive psychology

Description of work:

A literature review of eye tracking technologies and methods

A literature review of cues that can extracted from the eye and eye movements

Creating an artificial intelligence model for eye tracking

Creating an artificial intelligence model to integrate the cues from the eye tracking model within an game

Testing the system


Prof Hussein Abbass


School of Engineering & IT

Research Area

Systems Engineering