Program Code: 1631


High performance lightweight concrete has been produced in Australia and China based on an invention by Dr Kayali, the Supervisor of this research. The new concrete is an environmentally sustainable material due to many benefits that range from using waste products, to reducing cement use and increasing the durability of structures. The concrete science and industry must be supplied with evidence of systematic scientific study that shows and analyse the characteristics of this concrete on long term structural performance. High on the list of main structural performance properties are shrinkage and creep. These two characteristics make essential differences when designing prestressed, post-tensioned and high strength concrete structures.

Description of Work:

Produce lightweight high performance concrete.

Study the creep characteristics

Study the shrinkage characteristics.

Analyse the properties on both the microstructural and the macrostructural scales


Dr Obada Kayali; Prof Evgeny Morozov


School of Engineering & IT

Research Area

Systems Engineering