An FRP sandwich structure consists of two high strength composite skins separated by a core material. Inserting a core material between the laminates increases the stiffness of the panel without increasing its weight. FRP sandwich panels are very popular in the aerospace and automotive industries, and various core materials such as balsa, PVC, PET, and honeycomb are available to satisfy the needs of these industries. The idea in this project is to develop a new core material using industrial and or construction waste to develop a particulate filled resin that is durable and lightweight with excellent thermal and acoustic properties. The Particulate Filled Resin (PFR) material will be used as a core in an FRP sandwich panel for in flooring in buildings and or as bridge decks in new construction or replacements.

The project will consist of:

  • Formulating the mix composition of the PFR material
  • Characterising its thermo-physical physical and mechanical behaviours
  • Manufacturing and FRP sandwich panel using the PFR as the core material
  • Testing of the panel to investigate its structural behaviour
  • Analysis of the results.


Dr Amar Khennane


School of Engineering & IT

Research Area

Resilient Infrastructure