PhD in Computer Science / Mechanical Engineering

Project description:

Concept design requires identification of potential concepts that are subsequently developed in preliminary design phase. Concept and preliminary design phases are known to affect 80% of the life cycle cost of products and this is extremely important to get it right. The concepts are usually characterized using a number of performance measures, some of which are in conflict. This necessitates the need for multiobjective optimization and trade-off analysis. While multiobjective optimization is a fairly developed area, solution of optimization problems involving different number of variables (concepts defined using different set of variables) is an open problem. This research aims to develop optimization methods that can deal with optimization problems involving solutions that are defined using different set of variables. Development of such methods would enable efficient solution of problems encountered in concept design across several domains. 

Required Background:

Good programming (Matlab, C/C++) and analytical skills, preferably with a Masters Degree in Engineering / Computer Science. Prior research experience in optimization is desirable but not necessary. Demonstrated competence in academic writing and oral presentation skills will be beneficial.


Must meet UNSW admission criteria and English Language requirements. Scholarships of AUD 35,000 per annum are available for PhD students joining UNSW Canberra who achieved H1 /High Distinction in their UG program and/or have completed a Masters by Research. For more details and eligibility, visit


Please send electronic copies of CV and transcripts to Dr Hemant Kumar Singh (

Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) Group, UNSW Canberra (


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Systems Engineering