Dongguan University of Technology (DGUT) and UNSW Canberra are offering suitable UNSW Canberra PhD candidates the opportunity to apply for the DGUT-UNSW International Collaborative PhD Top-up Scholarship. 

Successful candidates are required to attend DGUT for fieldwork for a maximum of twelve months over the duration of the candidature. This can be done in small trips or one or two large trips, though travel costs will be paid by DGUT for one trip only. 


Six top-up scholarships are available annually up to the value of CNY200,000 (approximately AUD40,000) over the duration of the PhD candidature. 

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for the scholarship, UNSW Canberra PhD candidates must receive joint or co-supervision from a DGUT scholar and will visit DGUT as part of their research training. Interested candidates must consult and seek agreement from their primary supervisor at UNSW Canberra about the possibility and suitability for this co-supervision arrangement. 

A current list of qualified DGUT joint/co-supervisor is available here

Conditions and an application form for this top-up scholarship are available here.

There are no defined application closing date for this scholarship as applications are open throughout the academic year. 


For further information about scholarships, please contact the Research Student Unit