Program overview

4 years
3 Industry placements

Career opportunities

Accountants are needed in all industries: service companies, manufacturing industries, government organisations, and the finance industry. With the right background, accountants are able to work as business managers, auditors, financial analysts, management consultants and information systems analysts. After some experience, they are often chosen to take executive positions.

There are opportunities to travel and work with a diverse range of companies. Many of the companies which sponsor the Co-op Program are global organisations, who send their successful employees all over the world.

Accounting can be employed in any of the following fields:

Management Accounting
Refers to the processes and technologies designed to secure the effective use of organisational resources, in diverse, dynamic and competitive environments.

Financial Accounting
Refers to that area of accounting concerned with the design and operation of information and reporting systems directed to parties external to an organisation.

Assurance Services
Refers to the examination, verification and evaluation of, and the reporting on, financial or managerial processes, systems or outcomes in diverse and evolving contexts of accountability, to improve economic decision making and add value to clients.

Treasury and Financial Markets
Refers to that area of work concerned with the global management of financial risk for organisations and the evaluation of financial investments.

Management Consulting
Refers to the examination and evaluation of strategies, systems, processes, outcomes and managerial dynamics of an organisation with a view to providing recommendations for improved performance.

When I found out I had secured a Co-op scholarship I was just immediately filled with excitement and a strong sense of positivity for the future. It gave me much greater confidence in starting university because I knew I was going to be fully supported, have a group of people to share my goals and challenges with and have access to many opportunities to better myself.
UNSW Co-op Program
Zoe Jenkins
Accounting & Business Management