Program overview

5 years
3 Industry placements

Career opportunities

Chemicals are the building blocks of our modern life. Chemical engineers transform these tiny molecules into products and advanced technologies to solve today’s challenges. It’s no wonder that you can find them everywhere: in food and pharmaceutical manufacturers, water utilities and renewable energy providers. 

Chemical engineering offers a surprisingly flexible career path.

The chemical and petrochemical industries are well-known traditional employers; however an increasing number of graduates are embarking on careers in environmental regulation and the conservation of natural resources.

Chemical engineers are renowned for their problem-solving skills in such diverse fields as banking, manufacturing, microelectronics and biotechnology.  

The transition into university has been a welcome challenge. I enjoyed the new independence that university life has gifted me and am excited to better adapt to this new stage in my life so that I can be more disciplined. Being a Co-op scholar has definitely helped this transition. I was immediately connected to a network of other scholars that meant I felt supported.
Julina Lim
Julina Lim
Chemical Engineering