Dr. Joanne Ocock

Dr. Joanne Ocock

Centre for Ecosystem Science alumni career story

Project Officer and Team Leader Conservation, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

BSc and LLB (University of Canterbury NZ), MConBio (joint Victoria University Wellington and UNSW), PhD (UNSW)


Postgraduate years at Centre for Ecosystem Science
2009 to 2013
Thesis title
Linking frogs with flow: Amphibian community response to flow and rainfall on a dryland floodplain wetland
Current employer
NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
Current employer type
Current position
Project Officer and Team Leader Conservation
2018 - Present
Narrabri, country NSW


What are your responsibilities in your current role? 

Currently, I’m managing a team that rolls out pest control programs, landscape conservation, and threatened species projects in inland northern NSW for National Parks Wildlife Service. I’m also running projects aimed at improving wetland condition on some of our reserves, involved in wetland fauna monitoring, and writing wetland management plans. 


How have your experiences and skills gained at Centre for Ecosystem Science helped shape your professional journey so far?

In most cases, the staff, postgrads and students I worked with at Centre for Ecosystem Science, are the people I still work, collaborate and remain friends with today. It was a supportive atmosphere, where you could be inspired by brilliant people who were friendly and professional.

It set the example that I’ve tried to maintain in my career.


What is your favourite memory from your time at Centre for Ecosystem Science?

The first time I won an award for best talk at the postgrad forum, being told my practice talk was a bit lacklustre and then winning best talk at my last forum, helping run Smiths Lake fieldtrip course, informal weekly tea and biscuit get-togethers to support each other through the last stages of writing, being a lab demonstrator and passing time talking politics with Gilad, handing in the PhD (finally)!

Bruce Pickholtz

Joanne at Narran Lake Nature Reserve, being delighted by the healthy looking spinifex, September 2022.
Image: Ian Bate


Joanne and colleagues at Narran Lake Nature Reserve, on their way to monitor a waterbird breeding colony, July 2022.

Bruce Pickholtz

Joanne monitoring a remote Straw-necked Ibis breeding colony, from the water and on foot, NSW, January 2023. 
Images: Pat Johnston