Headshot of Dr. Corey Thomas Callaghan

Dr. Corey Callaghan

Centre for Ecosystem Science alumni career story

Assistant Professor, University of Florida

BSc, MSc, PhD


Postgraduate years at Centre for Ecosystem Science
2016 to 2019
Thesis title
Avian species and community responses to urbanization at local and global scales
Current employer
University of Florida
Current employer type
Current position
Assistant Professor
November 2022 - Present
Davie, Florida


Responsibilities in your current role 

I currently run the Global Ecology Research group (www.coreytcallaghan.com) at the University of Florida. I have an appointment with 70% research and 30% extension. I get to conduct cool research aimed at understanding how to integrate people and data to advance biodiversity research!


How have your experiences and skills gained at Centre for Ecosystem Science helped shape your professional journey so far?

Centre for Ecosystem Science was a really collaborative and open place and taught me a lot about how to be collegiate and conduct research in such an environment. The talent surrounding Centre for Ecosystem Science and the school of BEES more generally is top-notch and this allowed me to learn from a diverse array of people and researchers adding to my skillset to prepare me for my current role.


What is your favourite memory from your time at Centre for Ecosystem Science?

Seeing Rock Warbler at a planning day.

Bruce Pickholtz

Corey in the field birding, August 2023
Image: Bruce Pickholtz


Corey on a birding trip, an activitiy on the Centre for Ecosystem Science 2016 planning weekend. He is with Centre staff Richard Kingsford (Director), Daine Harshbarger, Katy Wilkins, Will Cornwell and fellow student Victoria Inman.